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Joseph's books and selected anthologies in which his work has appeared
Sacrifices Sacrifices: Retold & Untold Stories from the Bible, published by Outskirts Press.
In Italy In Italy: A Personal Journey, Finishing Line Press (2015)
On Account of Darkness

On Account of Darkness, Finishing Line Press (2011). One voice in this haunting new collection “wishes for rain so I can look inside of things” – and look inside Joseph Soldati does. Readers familiar with his wit and exuberance will find those here, but in muted tones. These world-wise poems are shadowed by grief and war, separation and loss, landfills and other graves. [...] But just as nightfall enables us to see the stars, Soldati’s poems shine through their dark matter with a clean, sharp beauty. And mercy: From the literal and figurative heart of this book comes the gorgeous singing grace of “Five Lullabies for Tonight."
      --Don Colburn, author of Another Way to Begin, As If Gravity Were a Theory, and Because You Might Not Remember


APOCALYPSE CLAM, Finishing Line Press (2006). $12. or

Across the Long Bridge Across the Long Bridge: An Anthology of Award-winning Poetry. Features award-winning poems from the 2nd Margaret Reid Prize and the 3rd Tom Howard Poetry Contests.

Oh Poesia! O Poetry!, Oh Poesia!: Poems of Oregon and Peru (1997). $6. --Includes postage. Available from author (

Configurations of Faust

Configurations of Faust: Three Studies In The Gothic
. New York: Arno Press, 1980, ©1972.
ISBN: 040512662X   LCC: PR868  

Publisher Site:

Making My Name
Making My Name (1992). (Available only in a few overpriced volumes on

Staffords Road Stafford's Road: An Anthology of Poems for William Stafford
Adrienne Lee Press

Flying Machines Flying Machines by Icarus International, 210 East Driftwood Rd., Nags Head, NC 27959

Line Drives

Line Drives: 100 Contemporary Baseball Poems
Southern Illinois University Press.


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